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Coaches! – Super-simple tips to make writing a breeze (with examples)

When even coffee doesn't help

Anna opens up her laptop, settles into her chair and stares at the blank screen for a few long minutes. She gets up, goes to the kitchen  and makes a coffee. Coffee always helps.....

except for this time.

She decides to check her FaceBook page for inspiration. Thirty minutes goes by before Anna opens up another tab and checks her mail.

A friend is having a mini-crisis so she calls her up and by the time she gets back to her writing it's late afternoon. By then Anna's energy has hit rock bottom and she decides to write the article tomorrow when she’s feeling fresher.

The above scenario is being played out in homes and offices across the globe every single day by  lifestyle-business owners.

By creating structure around your writing habits you tend to avoid situations like the one above. If you’re a lifestyle-business owner and whether you like writing or not, you still need to create some kind of content to share with your ideal clients and prospective clients.

Don't be like Anna.

Let me help you get a handle on how you might do this in a simple, easy to follow and structured fashion. Being organised wasn't something I was familiar with until I became a coach and lifestyle-business owner. If writing is something you personally struggle with then please, use these steps with my blessing. Having systems and structures in place was the catalyst for me when it came to attracting and nurturing clients and living a life I love. I wonder why we make things so difficult for ourselves?


The Strategy

If you’re a coach, practitioner, service professional or consultant you need to have a steady flow of clients if you want to stay in business. One of the most effective client attracting strategies is sharing valuable educational or entertaining content. Then of course, you need a selection of topics to write about.

The content that you provide is often your prospective client’s first taste of you and your services and could play a key role in whether they do business with you in the future and/or recommend you to others.

It can be frustrating coming up with regular content and It doesn't have to be. Much better to have a plan, with themes and topics on hand, and when you have a writing bee scheduled it’s simply a matter of opening up your file of topics and choosing one or two that are relevant. You might even create content outlines as part of your plan.

You’d think that writing about something that you’re passionate about would be simple wouldn’t you? Especially when you’ve put in the time to figure our who you coach or serve, and what you do for them. Sadly, for many of us, it isn’t.

We all have our personal zones of genius and writing might not be one of them. With these simple steps, that won't matter.

The Structure

When you structure it out like I’ve done in the diagram below, you’ll begin to find it easier and if you’re feeling ambitious you can even schedule time to do a month’s worth of articles, blog posts and social media content. I actually know people who do this a year ahead. I personally like to work in 3-month blocks. And I still love to 'write on the fly' when the mood hits.

The ‘specific themes’ in the diagram are the core themes that you work on with your clients. The related topics are the ‘how to’s’ to help them. The information, strategies or action steps you help them with. The content needs to be on topic and valuable. You don’t need to give them chapter and verse, just a taste of what’s to come.


Say you decide to create a ‘theme of the month’ on low self esteem, for instance, you could write a core article on that subject You might then pull out some relevant pieces from the article and schedule them for Social Media posts.This same article could then be the topic for your newsletter, a video or podcast content.

NOTE: This post you're reading was the main topic in my August Newsletter to which I added a Coaches Challenge with action steps. The action steps could easily be written as a separate piece in a 'Tips' section for social media or for an infographic. 

My following example would be suitable for a weight-loss coach for women. Adjust to suit your niche and target market.

If you created 5 pieces of content for each Theme, you would quickly have a pretty decent library of content to share. You might even write 5 pieces on each topic to give a really robust library. And you can repurpose pieces of your content for your free opt-ins. Simple!

Spread the word (and keep spreading it)

I’ve worked with clients who believe that once they’ve written and published an article, that’s it! You need to remember that everyone doesn’t see everything you write, all of the time. Especially on social media. So it’s OK to republish your posts and links to your blog-posts. It’s all about leverage and using your content wherever it fits best into your marketing plan.

If writing isn’t your preferred strategy, in what way could you use this information and personalise it for your own business? You would still need Themes and Topics. You would still need to communicate with your prospective clients. Whether it’s podcasts, videos, webinars or presenting to groups, this information will still help you map out your strategies.

Get very clear on what you do, who you do it for and the biggest problems/issues they face and then spend time creating quality, valuable, relevant content that gives the solution to those issues.Then decide on how you will share that content.


If this information isn’t new to you then let me ask you this. Are you doing it? Do your ideal clients know who you are and how you can help them? Do your colleagues and people of influence know exactly how they can help you? And do you a have an assortment of ready-to-go content to share with them? Information is only information until it’s turned into action steps.

Do you have your own special strategies when it comes to writing content? If you do, please share below and let's all learn together.

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