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How much money do you want? It’s a mindset thing


So many of us get hung up on Money. How much we have, how much more we need, How much everything costs and how much we have or don't have in the bank. It takes a lot of energy to think about money! How much money do YOU want?

What if you had all the money you wanted with plenty left over, how would your life would be different?

What would you do? Would you be like the guy who recently won billions of dollars in the US and decided to continue living his 'normal' life and going to his 'normal' job, or would you be like many of the big lottery winners who spend like there's no tomorrow and end up broke in 5 years?

Here are a few facts about money"

  • Money in and of itself has no meaning except the meaning you attach to it
  • Poverty or Wealth are the results of mindsets and the actions you have taken (or not) based on those mindsets
  • It's just as easy to make a lot of money as a little - yes really
  • You are responsible for everything that happens in your life - including your financial status
  • If you have a desire for something then the way to have that is already available to you

Some of those facts might be pretty hard to swallow, especially if you have been struggling to put food on the table. What would have to happen for you to believe those statements? What current money thoughts are holding you back?

Take for instance "You are responsible for everything that happens in your life" If your life is currently less than you'd wished for ​what part have you played in that? I know it can be difficult to look at this objectively but do your best. No judgement here, simply observation. We all need to learn if we want to move forward successfully and until we know and admit  something isn't working we are loathe to make changes.

An example from a  client.. She had always wanted to travel and in her late 20s began her adventures. After about 18 months she met a guy and fell madly in love. So did he. He didn't like travelling. She had stars in her eyes and couldn't see the wood for the trees.

She moved in with him, into a small country house in a small country town in Scotland. They were ecstatic for about 4 months, then they began to bicker a little because she had itchy feet and wanted to go somewhere (anywhere) and he didn't. Other things began to crop up and after an "agonizing 6 months", they split up. They weren't compatible beyond that short term romance.

Ok she learned something and she began to travel again, happy to be alone and free.​ She was a little sad and very confused but otherwise, fine. All she felt was that she had wasted precious time, and wished she had settled for a short holiday romance.

The point is that she realized her mistake, they hadn't gotten married or had children and she took full responsibility for her decisions.​ She's OK

Money situations can happen in the same way. You don't intend to owe a lot of money, it sometimes 'just happens" and for many they can't see any way out. So they borrow more, and the cycle begins and rather than admit their mistake they keep getting into deeper and deeper debt until all hell breaks loose and they are looking bankruptcy in the face. It didn't need to happen like that.

It would have been simpler to have admitted the mistake like our traveller and gotten the help needed to get back on track before it escalated. 

One thing I would like to clear up before you begin to email me is this. Being responsible for what happens to you doesn't mean that you caused what happened. What it means is that you take responsibility for your part in it even if it is difficult to accept that you even had a part in it. Because until you do that, nothing will change.Taking responsibility is like a pass to freedom, there is no downside. Don't get caught up in the blame game. It costs too much in the long term.

We tell ourselves a lot of stories, we even create characters and plots, villains and good guys.​ Agatha Christie has nothing on what we can conjure up. The thing is if we change our stories we can change our lives. You see there can be a 'happy ending' if you are willing to change your own story. It can be an Adventure, A Romance or anything else that your mind can conjure up. You are the author so make it a best seller and create your own character to be everything you want to be, then step into those pages and live it.

We have been programmed to BE a certain way and believe certain things, that's true. BUT and this is a big but! We have the power and intelligence to change anything we want to. Oprah did, Tony Robbins did, Mahatma Gandhi and Will.I.Am did. They are flesh and blood just as we are and they have mindsets that they need to tap into every day to live the lives they have CHOSEN for themselves rather than the lives they were programmed to accept.​

So how much money do you want? And do you have the mindset to create that kind of money?​ And what would you do if you had that money? 

Big questions. Sit with them and see what transpires. 

It's  about mindsets. Create mindsets for success and watch your world change exponentially.

And if you need help with that, contact me.​

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