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A Lifestyle-Business (for Coaches and Solopreneurs)


Have you ever sat down and thought about how your life could be different? If there was some way that you could do what you love, earn a good living doing it and have a Lifestyle Business that reflected everything that’s important to you?

How good would that be?

Well, that's what I’ve been doing for around 25 years now. And even though friends, colleagues and even clients have urged me to coach around this I’ve hesitated.

When you're in the middle of something it’s pretty hard to see it as an observer. Recently I had a light bulb moment (and a great coach) and realised that I don’t need to teach lifestyle-business ‘secrets' but rather be a catalyst for change for those who are thinking along those lines. BOOM!


And that's what I decided to do. Yes, I'll still be coaching around mindset, marketing and money and whatever else comes up in the coaching conversations but the overall focus of my coaching now will be around helping you create a lifestyle-business that you love and affords you the time, energy, money and personal satisfaction that lights you up.

I know that the people in my community are like-minded and have even (albeit gingerly) toyed with the idea of backing their business into their lifestyle and experiencing more of the good stuff that life has to offer. It isn’t about money so much as personal wealth. The wealth that comes from a life well lived.

A life where you design the days, hours and ways you will earn a living and live a good life and make a difference. It’s about creating a lifestyle that isn’t necessarily 9 to 5 (and then some). A lifestyle that isn’t about getting into debt or selling your soul to put food on the table. A different kind of lifestyle that you get to create.

What decisions are you making (and sticking with) that are holding you captive? And what decisions are you willing to make now that will move you closer to living your life with purpose, passion and a knowing that what you truly want is available to you, if only you have the willingness (and desire) to stand up and ask for it. A lifestyle business can be anything you want it to be. 



What limiting beliefs are stopping you from taking a chance and trusting your gut?

Begin to think of how you would really like your day to flow. If a high income is important to you then you need to design that into your business model and be prepared to become the type of person who earns that kind of income. Melanie Duncan has this down to a 'T'. Melanie and husband Devan live a luxurious life-style and it suits them perfectly. Check Melanie out here.

And you need to know what you want that income for. What’s important to you about having a high income? Why is that important to you? What else? Keep asking so that you can get to the core of what motivates you. There may be a different way to get what you want, and you’ll only know that after some deep questioning.

If, on the other hand, you want to go off-grid, live in nature and spend more time with loved ones and run a business that lights you up and gives you a great income ask yourself the same questions. What is important to you about that? What else? How would your life be different and what about that is important to you? Check out these two couples.

The third option is that you don’t want to settle in any one spot, you want to live on the move or perhaps divide your time between two, three or more locations (as I do). You might like a little luxury now and then and temper that with a big dose of off-grid country living. And, also like me, you might occasionally like to live on your yacht and wake up to the sound of water lapping against the hull as you step out into a day filled with promise. No bills and no worries to turn the day sour.

Your life can be as simple or as grand as you like if you’re willing to make it happen. Up to now, you might have been coasting along, doing what’s expected of you and maybe it’s easier that way. But, if you have a fire in your belly and you crave something different, then you owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to bring that ‘something’ to life.

People have been telling me for years that they would “love to have your lifestyle” and I say “so what’s stopping you”? They just laugh and talk about something else. I wonder if they’ve ever thought seriously about it.


Have you? Have you designed your lifestyle or is it something that just happened to you as you grew up, got a job, did what was expected of you? If you’re working for yourself, fabulous, but if it isn’t much better than working in a job (without the weekly pay cheque) then what’s the point?

If it’s something you’ve been thinking about, I invite you to dig a little deeper. What would really light you up? Let your mind wander. Imagine the most ridiculous scenarios, write them down, think about them and then let them simmer until something rises to the top.

Then ask yourself - “how hard could it be”? and see how that sits. You don’t need to do a thing, we’re just playing a game here. Be open to possibility and allow your subconscious mind to do its thing and just be a bystander, noticing what happens.

And by the way, whatever you dream up, I can almost guarantee that someone out there is doing it. The world is full of adventurers and risk-takers. The evidence is there. And you don’t need to go to extremes unless that’s your thing.

If you hear a little voice in the back of your mind say “Don’t be ridiculous, you couldn’t live like that? or words to that effect, ask yourself who’s voice that is. Is it yours? Or does it belong to a parent, teacher, someone who was influential as you grew up? Then check in with yourself and ask “Is it really that ridiculous?” 

Now that you’ve planted the seed, it’s up to you whether you nurture it and bring it to fruition or allow it to just wither and die. 


You might already be living the lifestyle-business you love and that’s good to know too, isn’t it?

And if you are, then is there anything that would make it even better? Write about that. What makes it so good? Appreciate what you have. Embrace it. Plan to have more of it.

We've barely got six months left in 2017. Imagine it’s New Year's Eve. If you were to create, change or tweak your lifestyle-business, what would be different now as you face yet another new year?

What are you grateful for, excited about, proud of?

What do you need to do now to make sure that you can answer those questions and feel fabulous about your answers?

Coaches Challenge​

  • Take a walk, sit on the deck or just take a half-hour break to think
  • Ask yourself how happy and fulfilled you feel in your life and business
  • No judgement allowed. You are an observer only, try to stay detached
  • Think about how your life could be different,visualize various scenarios
  • Decide if any of them are a good fit and if you'd like to pursue one of them
  • Make a decision to follow up, do research or think further about your choice
  • Follow through

If you're not interested in making a complete change, then what would you like to do to make your life and business give you more of what you want and less of what you don't want. Who would need to be involved and what would be a great first step?

Then follow through. Ask yourself

  • What am I tolerating? (and make steps to rectify that)
  • What could I improve? 
  • What could I start, stop or continue doing to give me more fulfilment?
  • Follow through.

In either case, write down the first step you will take within the next 24 hours and as soon as you've done that, write down the next step. Keep doing this until you gain momentum and begin to see the possibilities and then make a plan and follow it.

Send me an email and allow me to celebrate with you. Every single step is worthy of a celebration.

If you already have a lifestyle-business, what's the best part of that? If not, do you have any questions or comments?

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