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Marketing your Biz without selling your soul – 7 simple steps

I was speaking with a friend the other day about marketing and business and mentioned that I had been struggling to get motivated lately, which is unusual for me.

He said, "Yes, I think that’s because you aren’t motivated by money, it’s never been your thing. 

Boom! That one sentence hit me like a Mac Truck. It's true, I had never been motivated by money. My motivation had always been freedom and  lifestyle. 

Nothing wrong with having money, I like having money, but it isn't a major motovator for me - and without a personally driven motivator, success can be fleeting.

I began to think about motivation and mindsets and what had worked for me in the past. I needed to revisit the steps and remember the journey.

Years ago, when I  was starting out in business and attempted to do what everyone else was doing, I didn’t feel congruent. Nothing was working.

You know why?

I didn’t buy into the hype that was being touted throughout the internet, especially when it came to coaching and making money as a coach. I felt like a huge fake. I needed to discover what would work for me at the stage I was currently at and not attempt to keep up with the Gurus and Goddesses who had been in business for many years. I realized that I was trying to run before I had even begun to crawl. 

So I went back to marketing basics.

I listened, learned and made huge mistakes, and lots of them, and then I got better at it. I was willing to fall flat on my face and get up again. Fortunately, there were some good authentic people out there, and I learned from the best of them.

Here is what I learned and would love to share with you. If you've been struggling to build your coaching or service business - particularly online. This is marketing 101 for newbies and experienced biz owners who are struggling to get clients. It's all about making decisions that matter. 

A decision is a conscious intention to commit to actions that result in desired outcomes  Joan Bell

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Decide WHO you want to be in marketing your business. Think of the people you have done business with or learned from over the years. What was it about them that you liked or disliked? What about yourself do you love and could leverage?

Take time to acquire the traits you want to adopt and do it with intention. Always ask yourself the intention or purpose of doing or being this way. Practise it until it becomes second nature.


Decide how much money you want to make each month. This will help you decide on your fees, product pricing and marketing. A $$$ number makes everything that much more realistic, and you get to feel like a grown-up. Depending on your wants and needs and personal lifestyle this will vary. My best advice is if it feels a little scary you’re probably on the right track. Make a statement of this decision My Monthly money goal is $…………… ‘or more’ -  and then lock it in by visualising the amount being deposited into your account. You might also want to look at who you would need to be to reach that goall. What needs to be different? Have a sense of how that would make you feel, tap into that energy.


Decide WHO - you want to work with, specifically. Visualise one person that you would like to work with and be crystal clear about their likes, dislikes, looks, emotions and anything you can add that will give you an expanded marketing view of your ideal client. What food do they like, dislike? Are they capitalists, environmentalists, fun-lovers, serious thinkers? Lock it in with a vision. 


Decide WHAT exactly they have an issue with that you can solve. One issue or problem that you have either experienced or have a lot of knowledge around. This issue must also be something that you care about because you will be marketing, speaking and writing about this subject ad-infinitum. It is usually something you could talk about all day without taking a breath, and often something that you have solved for yourself.


Decide HOW you want to use your knowledge and skills to give the best result to your clients. (how will you market yourself) What do you love to do and do well is a good place to start. If you love writing, even if you are a bit rusty, start there. If you like to be front and centre, then that is a perfect place to start. Marketing is about telling people what you do, and you get to choose how you will do that.

Choose two areas and focus on those. There are dozens of strategy’s you can use to market your services and products. Choose something you are comfortable with or willing to learn, and start there. The important thing is to start. ™GET CLIENT'S NOW! is a book I highly recommend if you need help with marketing, it's the book I used myself and now I'm a facilitator for the course. The book is about $30AUD. or sign up and take the course with me. Here is a link if you want to see details.


When you have made the previous four decisions, you need to put together a marketing plan. A plan is simply a promise to yourself about what you will do every day to market your business in a way that aligns with your beliefs, values and characteristics. Choose the strategy’s and then select a number of actions for each one that you will do every day or every other day consistently. The secret to marketing is to be consistent, as well as persistent. Keep records of all your actions and results.


At the end of each week ask yourself these five questions: (Schedule it in as an appointment)

1. Did I do what I said I would do?

2. Did I get the results I wanted to get?

3. Did I reach my money goal?

4. What can I improve next week?

5. Did I have fun this week?


Answer the questions in #6 and give yourself an honest appraisal. What came up during the week that helped or hindered your efforts. What did you learn about yourself, your ideal client, your plan or any of the decisions you made. Follow the steps for at least a month to discover if you are on the right track and if not, take a detour. Ask yourself

1. What needs to change or improve?

2. Am I happy with the person I am being?

3. Who do I need on my team?

4. What’s my next best step?

5. When will I do that?

Trust your inner wisdom. Start where you are, aim where you want to be, and keep your soul intact.

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Trust yourself and your inner wisdom to guide you. Start where you are, aim where you want to be, and keep your soul intact. You don't have to sell your soul to be successful at marketing. It's worked for me, more than once. What has worked for you? please share in the comments box.

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